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Seeds! The Beginning!

Wow..! I don’t know if is just me, but it's only January

, and I am already starting to look at Seed Catalogs for Spring. Yes, I have a winter garden growing, and I do love all the things you can grow in the winter being in zone 10a and 9, but......I already want it to be Spring. So unfortunately that means a very long winter, however, I have something to share. My all time favorite seed catalog is from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. It's full of great pictures and descriptions of varieties offered, and it also offers vegetables and flowers not commonly seen in local farmers markets.

The first time I was able to use this company to the full is when I was hired to grow a completely organic vegetable garden on a beautiful estate in Rutherford, CA dead smack in the middle of Napa Valley. The company that hired me was Paula LeDuc Fine Catering, such a great team of people to work with and especially Jim and Paula LeDuc. Jim such a humble super nice guy, and Paula the nicest and probably one of the most creative person I have ever met. They had very specific needs for vegetables, for example..Tomato’s no more than 8 oz. in size, lots of different peppers, herbs, unusual squashes.

So fortunately for me, I marched myself right into my truck and headed on the 101 freeway south towards Petaluma, where Baker Creek Seed Company had a location right downtown in what I believe was an old bank. The “SEED BANK” and spent a lot of money on seeds. There have been times in my life where I have been quite happy, this was one of those times.

Long story short, I was hooked.

The seeds came up, the produce was wonderful, and everyone was happy, except for the fact I knew that now I was addicted.. Addicted to seeds how is this possible, and to houseplants, and succulents, and basically anything that grows, and you my gardening friends would totally understand that.

So yes the addiction has kicked in a little early this year, maybe its because of the pandemic and not being able to have as many humans in my life as I wish to have, or its because I am getting older and I feel the need to rush things, but what I do know is that Seed Catalogs make me happy and I guess that is not such a bad thing right?

Oh and FYI, in September, (hopefully year 2021) if you happen to be in Santa Rosa, CA, this seed company has super cool National Heirloom Expo (pictured below). It is really fun and just cool to see what we can grow in our garden that you never knew existed.

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